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We have celebrated our Independence Day i.e, freedom from British Rule. Freedom is for everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender or even from this pandemic situation. We need to build our future with love, understanding and a little compassion.

We all give tribute to all our soldiers who played a significant role in winning our freedom but they have gone unheard and unsung. We salute all such brave Indians for their supreme sacrifice.

On this occasion we started our new vision of school with the new location, new curriculum, new teaching criteria and new admissions with the help of all our supporters and well wishers.

Thanks to CanUSupport organization for arranging our new curriculum with online class structure. Thanks to Lotus Petal Foundation for procuring tabs for our institute. Thanks to Saveera Mam for arranging training for our teachers so that this online structure can run effectively.

Jai  Hind Jai  Bharat

Feel free to visit our Facebook page for more pictures and videos on our celebration : 


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