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Our Story

Education is the basic need that every child deserves. However, in our society, most of the underprivileged classs still can't afford to send their multiple kids to school, and the factors are multiple.

September, 2018, Ram Kala Sadan was founded. With the motive of providing primary education to the underprivelged kids, we started our journey with our eight students under a tree near a car garage at Wazirabad in Gurugram. It was challenging to convince the parents and make their kids attend school daily. Slowly and gradually, our purpose of providing education picked pace.


18 Septmeber 2018

4th April 2019

March 2020


Our vision to provide education to the underprivileged came into reality with eight kids on the roadside under a tree near a garage.

Got a room for our 40 kids to have fun and learning. We believe this was our first achievement.

During pandemic we provided 50 underprivileged families and 100 people with food and supplies to meet their daily needs.

Started online education with three tablets and one laptop and continued the classes for our kids.

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